In order to prevent accidents, please buy an insurance for your expensive mattress! Next, I will explain to you what is mattress insurance and why?

The answer is the mattress protector

Mattresses will be affected by many factors and reduce their service life, such as accidental water splashing, fungal mold, and dust ingress. Therefore, we need insurance to reduce these accidents, and the mattress protector is born at the historic moment. The mattress protector is the insurance for the mattress.

Waterproof Mattress Protector

The mattress cover has a basic waterproof function thanks to the underlying PU film. Using a mattress cover will protect the mattress from accidents, such as accidentally spilled liquid, sweat, and juice. These mattress cover can block it. Preventing the entry of liquid can effectively extend the life of the mattres

The mattress cover has a basic waterproof function thanks to the underlying PU film

Anti-Bedbug/Moisture/Mold Mattress Protector

A lot of bacteria and fungi tend to grow in humid places, so the mattress will be damaged. The bed bug mattress cover just protects the mattress from mold damage. The fully-wrapped and waterproof bed bug mattress cover can block the production of fungus and bed bugs, and protect your mattress well.

Easy to Clean

The mattress protector is easy to clean and can meet machine washing needs. The mattress protector can reduce the bad effects of accidents, but the mattress protector itself will become dirty, so it is particularly important to be able to machine wash. No matter what liquids and stains are attached to the bed cover, it can be cleaned by machine washing, and it can prevent mites.

the mattress protector itself will become dirty

Details About the Mattress Protector

For a small number of people with sensitive skin and customers who have strict requirements on textiles, the mattress cover also meet the requirements. The mattress cover certified by OEKO do not contain harmful substances and have no effect on human health, but can help them block harmful substances.

The surface of the mattress cover is made of high-quality cotton material, as well as high-tech Tencel and bamboo cotton materials, which greatly improves comfort while taking into account the protection. Therefore, mattress cover have now become a necessary accessory product for the purchase of mattresses, and are insured for mattresses.